POWA - Procule's Own Webcam Application

A Linux GTK+ Webcam tool
This project intends to be an all-in-one program to operate a webcam either on a website or for personal uses.

Current features
  • A simple and intuitive GUI with streaming video input
  • Picture saving on the filesystem (via ImageMagick, supports over 60 file formats)
  • Snapshot annotation with text
  • Snapshot timer

    Notes: I've had reports that the cameras using the 'pwc' driver (Philips) don't work with POWA.
    I intend to fix it soon but I would need a tester since I don't have such a camera. Contact me.

  • Main window
    Settings window

    Snapshots from the new POWA release !
    Sources now available.
    New sources - powa-0.20.tar.gz

  • New feature: Snapshot annotation with text
  • New feature: Timer to take a snapshot every X seconds
  • Some graphical enhancements and minor bugfixes

  • Old sources - powa-0.12.tar.gz

    Send suggestions, bugs and others to the project's SourceForge webpage

    Or you can contact me directly by e-mail :-)
                                - Procule

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